You wouldn't hire just anyone.

Neither would we. 


Meet Bruce

Your Best Forever Member Service Agent 

Bruce is a brain trust that facilitates communications and knowledge on both customer pain points and staff processes. Bruce is a digital assistant that always provides your members with the option to speak with your staff. He assists in your member's needs. And if he doesn't know how to respond, he will defer to a human agent and make an introduction to a human counterpart.


As Bruce's knowledge grows, he becomes an expert at:

  • Meeting member needs and aligning with your processes. This allows him to:

    • Automatically find the correct department resource.

    • Provide automated responses to members' questions.

    • Provide staff documentation for easy training and process efficiency. 

  • Resource workload.  He provides:

    • ​Members with time expectations for a response to improve experience.

    • Management a top-down view of their organization for resource management.

  • Providing personalized member experiences.

His Team offers full-service experience managementThere’s no need to hire machine learning teams with data scientists, systems engineers, statisticians, UX designers, and software engineers. We've got it covered. Real voice actors match your brand, and our language experts choose the correct words and tone to use when speaking to your members and staff.


Bruce runs on Local Traffic's digitally assisted communications network to offer:

  • A frictionless pathway to automation

  • Staff assistance, NOT staff replacement

  • No integration required

  • Minimized member experience risk

  • On or off premise

  • Flexible, consistent, and secure communications across all channels

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Together, we provide a delightful,
frictionless experience for all.


What Bruce Offers

The Human Side of Digital Assistance

Bruce can do the rudimentary tasks our competitors offer like:

  • Collect customer needs

  • Answer frequently asked questions

  • Understand and automate a process

Bruce does more. He centers the human experience in every interaction.


When automation doesn't fit and human connection is required, Bruce delivers the conversation experience you've customized. Our skillset  capabilities provide a framework of endless possibilities.

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Skillset Capabilities

Pre-conversation Assistance

  • Identify and authenticate members

  • Identify landline vs mobile

  • Schedule a time for human response

  • Member expectation management

  • Flexible queuing technology:

    • VIP member aware

    • First in first out

    • In-person “take a number” for contactless virtual line standing

  • Fully customizable pre-conversation skillset

Conversation Assistance

  • Contactless transaction assistance

  • Calling:

    • Connect calls

    • Record calls

    • 2-factor authentication

  • Messaging:

    • ​Send messages on behalf of staff

    • Automated response queuing for first in first out

  • Collect photos of documents, error screens, etc.

  • Video or conference abilities

  • Fully customizable conversation skillset

Post-conversation Assistance

  • Follow-up

    • Collect experience rating​

    • Schedule next appointment

    • Contactless receipts

    • Missed call auto-retrieval

  • Deliver call recording

  • Archive interaction to your CRM

  • Fully customizable post-conversation skillset



From Chris Lee, Founder & CEO

My love for credit unions started on September 11, 2001. I started my first day of work at Wescom Credit Union as their first web developer. The first step into the office gave me this overwhelming feeling of community and excellence in serving our members. The cultural tagline was to "exceed expectations," and I embraced that gift and carried it throughout my life. It's these types of gifts that credit unions provide that are intangible on a ledger, but have huge community impact.


When the pandemic came, I, along with millions of Americans, flooded the call centers to work through our PPP loan.  There were many occasions when I was unable to get an expectation for help. With "exceeding expectations" instilled in my personal culture, I built Bruce AI to specifically help credit unions at a time when staff and member morale was low.  

Local Traffic's vision is:

Human awareness in every human experience.

Our mission is:

Leveraging technology to help humans better serve one another.

I strive to live Local Traffic's vision statement and imbue Local Traffic's culture with our mission of creating a better world. I look forward to working with you. 


--Chris Lee--


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