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His Team

Together we

Meet Bruce

A well trained insightful digital assistant

is an expert at managing communications between you and your customers. Bruce always provides your customer the option to speak with your staff. He sets time expectations or schedules customers for a response. This allows your organization to:

  • Remove hold times.

  • Give employees the ability to fix or find solutions  before speaking to the customer.

  • Give managers insight on resource workload.

  • have flexibility in solving problems and offers a break in traditional office hours.

  • have a synchronized and cohesive experience across all channels. 

offers full-service machine learning and production management. There’s no need to hire machine learning teams with data scientists, systems engineers, statisticians, UX designers, and software engineers. Real voice actors match your brand, and our language experts choose the correct words and tone to use when speaking to your customer. 

delight your customers with a frictionless experience. With Bruce managing communications, he sees and ingests the problem, solution and everything in between. This provides a clear picture of your pain points and remedies, allowing Bruce's team to continually work with you on how Bruce can best serve your organization.



Conversation on
Your Channels

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Trust & Reliability

  • Trusting human voice of your choice.

  • A name that matches your brand.

  • Conversational tone using language and empathy.

  • Appropriate bilingual cultural tone.

Pre-conversation Assistance

  • Identify and authenticate your customers

  • Collects end user pain 

  • Sets expectation for response

  • Schedules a time for response

  • Answers FAQs

  • Points to an automated process

  • Alerts staff of response request

  • Forwards or escalates customers

  • Call abandonment savoir​

  • Customizable pre experience

Conversation Assistance

  • Connects Calls

  • Records Calls

  • Sends messages on behalf of staff

  • Collects photos and documents

  • 2-factor authentication

  • Video or conference abilities

  • Customizable conversation experience

Post-conversation Assistance

  • Follow-up

    • Collects experience rating​

    • Schedules next appointment

  • Delivers call recording

  • Archives interaction to your CRM

  • Customizable post-experience

Why Us

Chris Lee
Founder & CEO


Chris has over 24 years of software architecture and development experience. He's developed enterprise systems for a multitude of organizations, most notably Spectrum Enterprises (formally Time Warner Cable) and Wescom Credit Union.

At Wescom, Chris was hired as their first web developer,  building and managing their first home banking system.  The success of this system spun out Wescom Resources Group, created to sell the home banking product to other credit unions.  

At Time Warner Cable, he was hired as their first network applications engineer. In this position, Chris architected and developed the first automated provisioning and management system.  This system allowed Spectrum to provide all types of Internet services to all their business class customers.  

Dr. Julie Sykes
Pragmatics Expert


Dr. Sykes specializes in (mis)communication in digital environments. Her applied research investigates how context and cultural expectations shape human interactions.


Dr. Sykes is an associate professor of linguistics at the University of Oregon and the director of the Center for Applied Second Language Studies, one of sixteen national language resource centers designated by the U.S. Department of Education. She acquired the university's largest privately funded research project in which her team developed a mobile application to teach refugees living in Germany the language, culture, and normative expectations.

Dr. Sykes brings her ability to establish trust and rapport across cultures, languages, and contexts to Bruce AI, ensuring that your customers feel cared for at every point along the way.


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